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Wounds International virtual event

This year’s Wounds International Virtual Conference will provide perspectives and best practices delivered by internationally and regionally recognised experts in their field. The event has one core programme that will be broadcast across three different time zones.

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Strategies to improve Lymphatic system function – towards better health and oedema/lymphoedema management - Neil Piller 

  • Reasons, Signs, symptoms of failed or failing lymphatic system function
  • Managing and reducing lymph loads
  • Increasing Lymph flow   

Burn management in South Africa – addressing a huge problemEthel Andrews  

  • Load shedding and it’s impact on burns
  • Disasters and lessons learned
  • How to apply evidence to practice

Wound care and Skin tone – a mistaken identity with consequences 
Simone McConnie

  • Inflammation, necrosis and pre wound conditions in dark skin tones
  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Communication on skin tone a guide to equity

Kick-start healing to reduce the burden of non-healing wounds- it’s possible

Session supported by Smith and Nephew

  • Challenges faced by clinicians when treating venous leg ulcers ­- Hayley Ryan
  • Use of robotics shows PICO sNPWT is ­more effective in fluid management than conventional dressings­ – Amit Gefen
  • Clinical cases using PICO sNPWT under compression therapy in the treatment of venous leg ulcers­ – Marino Ciliberti, Hayley Ryan and Alison Garten

Amit Gefen and Hayley Ryan 

Amit Gefen and Alison Garten 

Amit Gefen and Marino Ciliberti

The International Wound Infection Institute Committee: critical updates on understanding slough: 

  • Composition, analysis and effect on healing: A new document – Lindsay Kalan
  • Slough versus denatured matrix – what this means at the wound bed – Greg Shultz
  • Applying findings to practice – what do we need to do? – Dot Weir

Skin Health: Clinical and Cultural Perspectives

  • APAC – Jenny Prentice
  • America’s – Jayesh Shah 
  • Europe – Ray Samuriwo and Steven Smet

Jenny Prentice

Jayesh Shah

Ray Samuriwo

Skin failure and Kennedy lesions: Fact or fiction? – Joyce Black

  • What is going on in the skin?
  • How can Kennedy lesions be distinguished from pressure injury?
  • What research is needed?


Monday 26th june - 6Pm - HKT

Harikrishna K. R. Nair

Tuesday 27th june - 10AM BST

Jacqui Fletcher

Wednesday 28th june - 6PM EDT

Dot Weir


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